Who Sang 3 Walls? Massacre

Massacre Sol Lucet Omnibus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 2:20
i'm just a question
waiting for the answer time
and i got so scare
cause i find myself, i'm fighting creatures
the sun that's shining is the only one who knows the truth
but the sun in your eyes won't let me see this time
November's cry
to testify your crime
and your walls of desire
i'm lonely to a***yze my mind
november's cry
oh please my lord
give a explain and i promise
the first son to you
won't do at this time
behind a soul that's sad and true
sad and true, sad and true

then i have to mind my heart
so sad and true
if i have to mind my way
just to sign my way
when i have to mind a heart
then i have to mind my way
then i have to find if a have to find my way
then i have to mind, have to find a way
then i have to mind, hard to find a way

CD 1
  • 1 Cae el muro
  • 2 Tell Me Why
  • 3 Ella quiso
  • 4 3 Walls
  • 5 Nuevo día
  • 6 From Your Lips
  • 7 Armas
  • 8 Mirando al Pacífico
  • 9 Violence
  • 10 Madamme-X
  • 11 Try to Hide
  • 12 Papel floreado