Who Sang Eternal War? Massemord

Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
length: 3:41
Eternal War!!!
In an ancient kingdom of madness,
Far beyond the false light...
Beneath a starless sky,
In an astral dimension,
The scourge of war soon will be reborn
And fall upon your feeble souls!
Betrayers of an endless d___ation
Their fate will drown their lives in darkness!

Eternal War!!!

On the frozen battleground
Victorious stand the forces of the dark!
Dead shadows upon the earth,
Abducted minds,
Blind illusions of peace
Swallowed by the Dark Abyss
Their silent cries now echo in the night!
Eternal War!!!

  • 1 Naar solen dør bak fjellet
  • 2 Solen skinner ikkje
  • 3 Lyset forsvinner
  • 4 Eternal War
  • 5 Skogen kaller og vi svarer
  • 6 I Have Sipped the Blood...
  • 7 Flowers for Your Funeral
  • 8 Demon Storm
  • 9 Soul Deceiver
  • 10 My Last Breath
  • 11 Den gamle festningen

  • Release information
    country(area): Norway
    script: Latin