Who Sang Glorybound? Mastedon

Mastedon It's a Jungle Out There! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 4:19
Ready to cross the white line
Yeah I push my foot down to the floor
It just may be the last time
Dodgin’ bullets, like a target, on a firing line
And I can’t slow down ‘till I touch the ground
When this place that I call home, becomes a faraway land
Yeah, then the Savior comes to take me, take me by the hand
And my feet touch down on solid ground
I’ve got this feelin’ in my heart
That’s when I’m ready to depart

Glory bound, and I won’t touch down ‘till I’m on the ground
Glory bound, and I’m on my way to a better day

Headed for a big ride
And I know right where I’m goin’
Like a soldier headed for the battle line gonna lay it down
And I won’t slow down ‘till I touch the ground
I must be ready for the day
When I can turn and walk away


I’ve got this feelin’ in my heart
And now I’m ready to depart


And I’m glory bound
Take me by the hand

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