Who Sang Right Hand? Mastedon

Mastedon It's a Jungle Out There! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 6:05
I hear the sound, of words that will restore me
Guided by the vision of the truth that will abound
having assurance of knowing you
Of seeing your face, and the warmth of your embrace
Sitting at the right hand of God
All my hopes and dreams they stand in front of me
As I gaze upon the Savior’s glory
Reaching out and touching his hand
To know the world that I must leave behind
Is a grain in all the sands of time

I see the light, the truth can’t be denied
I know, the love the kingdom will provide
Far beyond my expectations is what has come to be
All that I’ve waited for, has been there all the time
Waiting patiently
And now it is known, as I kneel before the throne.

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