Ghetto Honey Lyrics - Master P feat. Theresa Esclovon

Theresa Esclovon Good Side/Bad Side cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-3-23
length: 3:39

[Hook: Theresa Esclovon]
When I see you I, like to ride up and I
Feel all good and I, want you boy no lie
The way you walk the style, the clothes you wear
You lick your lips, and I can't help but stare
I think of you and I, want you boy no lie

[Master P]
I wanna wife you shorty, but let's get one thing straight
I could get you a Benz, or a house by the lake
You want one with cameras, you want one with a gate
We could live like Tony Montana, girl we be straight
But you gotta tell your mom's, to stop bugging
Them dudes I be rolling with, that's my boys and my cousin
I'd rather be caught with it, then caught without it
I ain't gon lie, I've been to jail boo I'm bout it bout it
I ain't trying to hide who I am, shorty I'm a thug
But I love to kiss, and I love to fuck
My wardrobe, it's all T-shirts and jeans
I ain't hard to find, baby I'm on the corner with the team
But if you need me, girl I'm coming running
If it's beef, me and the boys we coming gunning
And I'ma tell you something girl, it ain't about the money
We gon thug until the end, and I'm glad you my ghetto honey


[Master P]
You like minks and ice, I could buy you that
You caught a bus to the crib, you could take the six back
Slow down shorty, don't be in a rush
Ain't nothing better than you and I, I mean us
We was made for eachother, look like sister and brother
Started out as friends, turned into lovers
I need your full attention, I'm feeling your style
I don't talk too much, but my homies buck wild
Tattoos and gold teeth, you know I'm thugging
I'm straight from the hood, but that just means good loving
Don't judge a book by it's cover, I got big dreams
I wanna take mom out the hood, and put you on my team
We could thug together, shorty grow together shorty
You could sleep over, and we could get naughty shorty
From the first time I met you, I was feeling you
And it don't feel the same, when I ain't with you




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