Who Sang Downtown? Matthew Ebel

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 4:45
Sally was a silver-spoon Sunday School girl.
She grew up in the heart of an air-conditioned Wal*Mart world.
Her daddy had a mansion, a suburbian expansionist home,
but even country girls still want to roam 'cause
the bright lights of the city at night
will rain down like a curse on a small town.
The music's swinging and bringing the pretty girls
so the fellas will get up and get out and get on the train
going downtown.

Sally couldn't see a future past the end of her nose.
She set out for the stars with some pumps and a bag full of clothes.
She set her sights on the lights and the action of the shows,
but Sally never made it to the road.
He drives a Lex, but he's looking for s**,
cheap whiskey and a bag full of happiness.
He'll suck you in with a sinister grin, a
stick pin, and a spin that you're gonna win if you
go downtown.

Your fishnets look a mess, but baby
you better sell or your daddy going to raise hell.
He gives you money, but honey your daddy don't give a
d*** unless you got a Johnny and you're
going downtown.

by Janeka

CD 1
  • 1 Better Off Dead
  • 2 I Just Want To Fall In Love
  • 3 Wordsworth
  • 4 Better Off Dead (Reprise)
  • 5 Goodbye Planet Earth
  • 6 Everybody Needs a Robot
  • 7 A Cautionary Tail
  • 8 Downtown
  • 9 The Getaway
  • 10 Lost My Way
  • 11 Gray Planet
  • 12 Join The Conversation
  • 13 Everybody Needs a Ninja
  • 14 Every Color
  • 15 Falling To Earth
  • 16 She Will Set You Free
  • 17 I Will Wait For You