Who Sang Every Color? Matthew Ebel

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:29
I was colorblind and stranded
in monochrome debris.
I thought that all that I was handed
was all there was to see.
All I have is just this pencil,
this sorry stick of gray,
and I've been living in this stencil
but I'm breaking out today.
'Cause I love every color, the crayon on the wall.
I love every color, the rainbow waterfall.
I love every color, the stained glass full of light.
I love every color, not just black and white.
A blank white page but it feels so right
to live outside the lines
and you give me a box of sunlight
with every shade and kind.
I'm overwhelmed and I'm unstable,
but I don't really care.
The world starts spinning and now I'm able
to color everywhere.

(Chorus x2)

CD 1
  • 1 Better Off Dead
  • 2 I Just Want To Fall In Love
  • 3 Wordsworth
  • 4 Better Off Dead (Reprise)
  • 5 Goodbye Planet Earth
  • 6 Everybody Needs a Robot
  • 7 A Cautionary Tail
  • 8 Downtown
  • 9 The Getaway
  • 10 Lost My Way
  • 11 Gray Planet
  • 12 Join The Conversation
  • 13 Everybody Needs a Ninja
  • 14 Every Color
  • 15 Falling To Earth
  • 16 She Will Set You Free
  • 17 I Will Wait For You