Who Sang Join The Conversation? Matthew Ebel

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 4:39
Here we are, looks like we're going nowhere
no one ever listens if you never seem to care.
It's what they want, try to keep you in a box like a
disassembled toy, like a peasant in the stocks.
You always feel like the last one in line,
no one forwarded the memo, no one made you read the signs.
You want to scream, want to show you're more than clever
If you never speak up, things will be like this forever
So get in line, speak your mind,
won't you join the conversation?
Lay it down, make a sound,
you don't need an invitation.
So get a pair and drive us there,
you can choose our destination.
Toe the line, get it signed,
you can join the conversation.
You come along like you're told, like a member of the fold,
and then you finally end up being sold.
They try to tell you not to wander from the hive
You think you take a chance and they'll devour you alive.
No one ever got ahead by staying hidden,
You know the fruit tasted better when it was forbidden.
Now you're sitting on the ground. You know you're star-bound
If you want to make it happen then you got to make a sound.


(Chorus x2)

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