Who Sang Lost My Way? Matthew Ebel

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:46
Well I woke up hung over again
and I vow right now it's the last time I give in.
So to commemorate I'll go out and tie one on.
Guess I'll quit drinking when you're gone.
If I put off 'till tomorrow what I wanted yesterday
I'll just sit here 'till the future come and slap me in the face.
If I don't change my direction and I float out here in s***e
then you can't say that I've ever lost my way.

Well I finally gave up smoking too,
least I thought that's what I told myself I'd do.
Then in a cloud of smoke my car moved to L.A.
and my girlfriend got towed away.

(Vocal Solo)

Well I'm tired of being a whipping boy
and I'm tired of being fortune's favorite toy.
So when the sun comes up I'll grab it with both hands.
Lord knows I need a change of plans.

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