Who Sang She Will Set You Free? Matthew Ebel

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 4:29
Stop the movie, stop the presses it seems
we lost the leading lady when she slipped between the scenes.
You went off the script and tried to channel James Dean
while she went off the edge and made her getaway clean.
She could scream at you until her vocal folds sever
while you'd be diving headfirst into your next endeavor
and you never, ever thought that she'd move on to something better.
You could be president but now you lost the girl forever and...

She will set you free.
She will set you free.
She will set you free,
but you don't see her anymore.

Sit a second, stop and think about your role.
You sold your soul short, now you're stuck out in the cold.
You thought you fell in love but now you're falling down a hole,
your total lack of social tact has taken its toll.
You learn about her everywhere but from the source-
of course she talks to you but your attention span's short.
You'll force her out the door before you ever change course,
now you ride into the sunset with no one but your horse and...

(Chorus x2)
...but you don't hear her anymore.

Now it hits you in the face, you're out of luck.
You were dwelling in denial, content to pass the buck
and now you're stuck sucking six-packs and sleeping in your truck.
You say it sucks but still you act like you don't give a d***.
Your Saturday night's like a digital storm,
surfing for a reason just to get up in the morn-
viral vids of stupid kids and MP3's of Korn,
a torrent of some tortured t*** and tentacle p***.

Maybe all the walls that are caging you in
aren't as thick as an idiot's skin,
but you think you're better off now than you ever have been-
racking up the credit cards and living in sin, but...

...but you don't see her anymore
and you don't hear her anymore
and you don't speak to her anymore.

CD 1
  • 1 Better Off Dead
  • 2 I Just Want To Fall In Love
  • 3 Wordsworth
  • 4 Better Off Dead (Reprise)
  • 5 Goodbye Planet Earth
  • 6 Everybody Needs a Robot
  • 7 A Cautionary Tail
  • 8 Downtown
  • 9 The Getaway
  • 10 Lost My Way
  • 11 Gray Planet
  • 12 Join The Conversation
  • 13 Everybody Needs a Ninja
  • 14 Every Color
  • 15 Falling To Earth
  • 16 She Will Set You Free
  • 17 I Will Wait For You

  • Release information
    label: Matthew Ebel Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin