Who Sang Let Me Be the One? Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet Superstar / Let Me Be the One cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 3:27
producer: Matt Wallace
membranophone: Ron Pangborn
vocal: Matthew Sweet
engineer: Paul du Gré and John Paterno
bass: Tony Marisco
background vocals: Richard Carpenter
guitar: Matthew Sweet
keyboard: Glen D. Hardin
fiddle: Byron Berline
electric piano: Richard Carpenter
pedal steel guitar: Greg Leisz
composer: Roger Nichols
lyricist: Paul Williams
Let Me Be The One
Matthew Sweet

Some sleepless night
If you should find
Yourself alone

Let me be the one
You run to
Let me be the one
You come to
When you need someone (you need someone)
To turn to
Let me be the one...

To set things right
When this whole world's turned inside down


For love and understanding
To find a quiet place
For silent understanding
A loving touch

Come to me when things go wrong
And there's no love to light the way

[Chorus: x3]

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  • 1 Superstar
  • 3 Let Me Be the One