Who Sang The Ugly Truth? Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet Altered Beast cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-7-13
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Indie Rock/Alternative Rock/Country Rock/Power Pop
length: 3:19
composer: Matthew Sweet
lyricist: Matthew Sweet
You don't want to die
But the living gets you down
We want you to act like nothing's wrong
Even though you heard a sound
And then you're ripped right out of the ground
Like a ****in' root
No you simply cannot hide
From the ugly truth

You fell you must be wise
'Cause you could find yourself
Among a sea of smiling faces
It's a way I've never felt
Yeah, it kinda flies right into my face
And out the other side
Oh, the ugly truth leaves nothing to decide
The ugly truth makes every one of us a liar

If you can dig a big enough hole
To bury all your youth
No you still won't be prepared for the ugly truth
No you'll never be prepared for the ugly truth
You simply cannot hide from the ugly truth

CD 1
  • 1 Dinosaur Act
  • 2 Devil With the Green Eyes
  • 3 The Ugly Truth
  • 4 Time Capsule
  • 5 Someone to Pull the Trigger
  • 6 Knowing People
  • 7 Life Without You
  • 8 Intro
  • 9 Ugly Truth Rock
  • 10 Do It Again
  • 11 In Too Deep
  • 12 Reaching Out
  • 13 Falling
  • 14 What Do You Know?
  • 15 Evergreen