Who Sang By His Grace? Maurette Brown Clark

Release information
Release Date: 2002-4-30
length: 4:50
But by His grace
I would be hopeless
But by His loving grace
Lost and alone
His grace
Don't want to think
About not having
His love with me
By His grace

Sittin' by my bedside
Looking around my room
I see clothes to wear
Shoes for my feet
And the sun is shining through
Pain is nowhere to be found
I'm feeling good
Getting ready for the day
But I've gotta stop
And thank my God
For it could have been the other way

He didn't have to let
Me live to see another day
He didn't have to bless me
He could have turned
And just walked away
Out of my life
My life would
Be worth nothing
Filled with gloom and despair
So I've got to stop
And really thank my God
For I could have been
Alone to bear

Surely goodness and mercy
Shall follow me all
The days of my life
And His loving kindness
Shall see me through
He'll be there every time
Lord I want to thank You
Thank You for Your grace
Thank You thank You for Your grace
Thank You

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