New Years Day Lyrics - ¡Mayday! x Murs

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Release Date: 2014-6-10
length: 4:56
[Verse 1: Murs]
Tonight is epic
It's one of them one's
So much danger and so much fun
And if the cops come they just might pop some'n
I'm talking bottles not bullets from no shotgun
I'm riding shotgun I ain't even tryna drive
A riot maker guarantee to keep the party live
I'm with my whole tribe and you can feel the vibe
We goin' in I'm just hoping that we all survive
It's do or die, tomorrow's just a dream
The night belongs to us, the whole f___in' team
Know what the f___ I mean top of the world s___
On some 2010 screamin' "Free Earl b____!"
Girls in my clique, a f___in' freak show, they turnin' up
Like it's Mustard on the beat ho
They like to drink they like to smoke they like to f___ too
And if you tryin' to judge us then it's f___ you

[Hook x2]
And I don't even know you m_________ers name
And I don't really care if you understand
Excuse me in advance if you can't
Cause tonight we going in
Like tomorrow's gon' be New Years Day

[Verse 2: Bernz]
In the lab, seven days a week
Trying to freak that beat
But not tonight we goin' out man
We on work release
We squaded up
We going to start a scene
We young and dumb and we runnin' wild on these city streets
Spirits flowing while smoke is blowing
I know we glowing
Golden child I know we loud
We in our moment
Play my s___ or just let me be
Man I'm f___ing zoning
Matter fact I might the buy bar
I'm cause I'm feeling lonely
Everybody need a getaway
From the everyday things man
Lets treat tonight like a holiday
And toast to our achievements
1 shot for fact we made it
2 shots make sure we faded
1 more for the pretty young lady
Man turn it up cause we celebrating
Next level s___ man I'm Mario think I saved the princess
I ain't even rich but I feel success
Is stranger than fiction
So I'm kicking up my sneaks
And start new traditions
We ain't even hit our peak
But I feel vertigo kick in

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Wrekonize]
Came to, room full of the same crew
A place where where we pay dues and try to make them raise roof
I need a break I need some life scenery can change to
Just gimme the gun. or the checkered flag and bet I pass into plain view
Moving now. wind whispers in my ear for whiskey
Shots zing and miss me but she's still feeling frisky
You lady luck. I came to f___ and think that you should bare my child
We'll do some drugs make some love laugh a bit and share a smile
(Off riding the blackbird wings)
I'm seeing the ground below and sealing the adverse rings
There's nothing that can keep me riding higher than I feel right now
My mind just keeps on rising when the southern sun lights down
So we can

Turn up the potency
Make it go all night
Don't nothin' worry me it's gonna be alright
I carry currency to pay the car price
But for now let it go and let's get high with these low lifes


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