You Again Lyrics - ¡Mayday! x Murs

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Release Date: 2014-6-10
length: 4:57
[Hook: Wrekonize]
I know what I know I can't pretend it ain't been long
And now I'm here to tell you I was wrong
There's violence in your silence and I'm tired of it all
Tonight I'm 'bout to make you scream in awe
Scream and jump for the people
Stuck and don't live it up no more
We been up and yes we been stuck ground floor
Had to take a climb had to lose my mind just so I could finally break the trend
And just get back to f___ing you again

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Well Hello love
If you been wondering to why we ain't been talking it's been minutes but I'd love
Just to let you know that nobody is f___ing with ya you were like a drug
f___ the silly s___ I just wanna get rid of it and get into an ummn
I don't really know how to say this without being offensive
I'mma kill being apprehensive
And grab your senses with a bag of tensions
My bad for mentioning the rash intentions
But I gotta let you ask your questions
I don't really know why it's been so long, what the f___ went wrong
It was something strong we
Should bury the hatchet and just marry the racket and let the bygones just be bygones
Wrong is nothing but a state of mind
I see your girls talk s___ but they the hating kind
Fake and blind it's safe to relay that I'm another mother f___er they just wanna take in time
Come around and get that old thing back I'll be happy to make ya smile like the cole king nat
Never letting ya get through me like a cul-de-sac
So stop and imma show where the souls been at

[Hook: Wrekonize]

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Uh, Suicide Girl, you're my bad b____
Fell in l___ with the madness
You're the Goose to my Maverick
Had to lock it down quick
Had to get rid of the cheap magic tricks
I was a hustler, you were opposite
Rock with this, let me get this off my chest
Gotta clean this mess, add bleach to the stress
Maybe I'm crazy, but we the best
Find me no less, in a tiny dress
Knife in the purse, Glock in the bed
Still fell for a young knucklehead
Probably is blessed, so I make a fresh attempt
Let me turn it up once again
(Word) Let me burn it up at both ends
(Yeah) Let me get it close with my lens
(Woo) Let me try to heighten all sense
With no test, no game, I ain't tryna play offense
I'm a new man, brand new me
Look like money, but to you, I'm free
But I'm dodging reality, can't you see?
So let's try to live a fantasy

[Hook: Wrekonize]

[Verse 3: Murs]
Ghetto Gothik so exotic
Pre apocalyptic beauty
Hypnotic Quixotic
Girl look at what you done did to me
Got me up late on Snapchat
t__ties fake but her a__ fat
Got a chair full like to get her hair pulled
Would've been a d___ fool not to smash that
Grab that like I'm starvin' for it
Make a straight b____ Gay like Marvin for it
Hurt like Percy Harvin for it
Got a full beard like James Harden for it
Tickle lil' bit when you ride my face
Kiss a lil' bit say you like the taste
Been a lil' while since I seen your face
Like it wasn't no good but that ain't the case
Say you mad at me (Why you mad?)
Like you don't miss miss me
That's just bad acting
I know what's happenin'
You got a new man and it's just not crackin'
Subtract him send him packin'
It's wrap then you let me back in
Here this song yeah we so wrong
But you know that we're right where we belong

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