Who Sang Chisel Down? MC Frontalot feat. Busdriver and John Roderick

John Roderick Question Bedtime cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-8-26
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:26

I reside where stone is thick
If you hear wind whistling, that’s my script
That’s my cliff! Quit chiseling
Might grant you a wish. Is this a thing
That happens to humble carvers of the earth’s surface
Or are you flirting with dark powers that sometimes enact curses?
And I’d purse lips if I weren’t ethereal
The way you worry my interior
Any boon you seek, you say
Want it? Got it. Fade away...

My trade has never been a fit match
So my future’s always looking pitch black
Waist-deep in this fish fat
I don't really want to swing this pick axe
I want to be high-minded in a large home
Muse about the uncarved stone
Not chewing on a little bit of charred bone
We want a world of our own, with
Gold steps on the stairwell
Exotic fruits in the hair gel
Skin the color of caramel
And a toilet that looks like a carousel
Once my account is full of mils
Am I gonna feel more fulfilled
Or change the course and pull the wheel and
Ingest the pill, phasers set to kill
I'm a prove that I don't love anybody
And give myself the power of a governing body
While maintaining selfhood is second nature
So take a little echinacea for your upset dysplasia
‘cause I don't care how you live
I'm beyond it, my brow is a mountain ridge

Put your chisel down
Let your hammer go

I had a ridged brow when you wandered up
Each elevation I conjured up
At your behest intensified it
What a mess. You so soon derided
Floods and rains after having been them
That you can’t possibly recall cloud’s dominion over sunbeams and where suns send them
From when you were the sun
If you want the mountains at your mercy
Here’s your chisel, have it done

CD 1
  • 1 Bedtime for Li'l Kyle
  • 2 Start Over
  • 3 Gold Locks
  • 4 Two Dreamers
  • 5 I Can See
  • 6 Mornings Come and Go
  • 7 Bedtime for Li'l Paul
  • 8 Much Chubbier
  • 9 Bedtime for Li'l Negin
  • 10 Shudders
  • 11 Devil in the Attic
  • 12 Chisel Down
  • 13 Bedtime for Li'l Lisa
  • 14 Wakjakaga

  • Release information
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    script: Latin