MC Lars feat. Mac Lethal - The Giving Tree 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2011-7
length: 5:50
mixer: Mike Sapone
additional producer: Mike Sapone and K.Flay
additional: Mac Lethal and K.Flay

Lyrics by MC Lars and Mac Lethal
Music by K.Flay MC Lars and Mike Sapone

MC Lars:
I once had a friend who meant everything to me
And our friendship was quite special, see that friend was a tree
When I swung from his branches he held me so tightly
Up in my sleeping bag, kept me company nightly
He was heaven sent, benevolent, the best friend ever
Gave me all I needed and he made my world better
Kept the darkness at bay, like I could always stay
6 years old forever, I was happy every day

Mac Lethal:
I got branches you can climb, pretty colored leaves
Granny Apples and some vines
See that’s my friend the sun but I don’t have to let it shine
You can quietly play away from all the bright light and the shade
I’m the bigger brother that you never had
You can snap my branches off or punch and kick me if you’re ever mad
Your Dad just does not provide the strength that I do
Now lean against me boy scribble me a haiku

MC Lars:
Then adolescence hit like giant brick
That was it love sick I would sit
In her arms and I’d stick
A dagger in the heart of my loyal friend the tree
Carved initials in his bark Mary Jane next to me
Because things change right? I guess that’s just life
Like Puff the Magic Dragon, Jackie Paper took a hike
Stop crying – look at me – I’m growing up
But I’m still showing up and I’m still showing love!

Mac Lethal:
Here boy, why don’t you take a couple of these Granny Smiths
Go down to the market, follow this manuscript
Sell a couple of them, tell the people that they’re grown organically
Use the money, buy your girl the necklace of her fantasies
If they want more I got oranges, cherries
Cashews, cupcakes, chocolate strawberries
You got to understand that I’m not just a normal tree
I’m here to fulfill all your needs… plant a seed

I’m your Giving Tree

MC Lars:
Then I became a man, too busy to climb trees
Though I miss the tire swing, I’m climbing higher see
Made millions I’ve done it, corner office view
I’m a very busy man don’t have time to talk to you
Some nights I reminisce; I sit up feeling sick
So I pop another pill and it seems to do the trick
Surviving on my own for the last 40 years
I’ll always love you tree but now I’m going, I’m growing

Mac Lethal:
This was not about you spending time in the forest
This has been about me providing resources, for you
Cause that’s my style, smile, I think you find happiness in a child
Or two, here, take a branch that’s big
Make yourself a nice digs, a good place to live
Then create a couple kids, trust me, you’re not abandoning me
‘Cause I will always be your family tree

MC Lars:
Sitting by myself, feeling so lonely
My friends are all dying and nobody seems to know me
My trophy wife ran off and my kids never call
I need a way to leave and get away from it all
Old and sad all the good times I had
Have faded through the hourglass my memories are sand
I was the king of the forest and you were my throne
But before I pass away there’s some world’s I’ve never known

Mac Lethal:
Here take the rest of me, take what’s left
Maybe you should sail over waters and the depths of the world
Forget about your ungrateful kids and your girl
Don’t you want to see the blue sea?
You, me, your friend, the wooden raft
Hopefully you learn how to smile and even look and laugh
Please boy, take what you want, but maybe
You should leave yourself a stump, at least leave a stump


MC Lars:
Now I’m back, and I can barely walk
And I can barely talk, and I’ve sold all my stock
So may I sit for a minute? I’ve got nothing left
My life has been a journey, but now it’s time to rest

Mac Lethal:
Even though I’m very old too please sit
I can’t tell you where the branches or the leaves went
But I can tell you that it’s time to sit, take a rest
And process every single ounce of your stress

Remember childhood? When it was you and me?
Well now I’m finally home, and now I’m finally free
You gave me everything, you were always there
I close my eyes and drift away and I don’t feel scared

Mac Lethal:
Remember childhood, when it was me and you?
I’m the one that gave you everything, of course you do
My natural calling was to always be here
Close your eyes and die with me, thank you for the years

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