Who Sang Propa? MC Lyte

MC Lyte Seven & Seven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-8-18
length: 4:12

[Verse 1:]
Rap is hip hop over populated
I made it but I’m still underrated
I go beep beep like a Motorola beeper
Your rhymes are hard but mines are much deeper
Creeper on the midnight stroll
Never need parole, totally in control
Of my destiny here’s the best of me
On vinyl finally for all to see
I’m the only one here at the showdown
That don’t need a piece for the shit to go down
What up Lyte? Nigga hell if I know
Trying to keep it real with all my lil bros
Wanting to be a friend, some don’t believe
‘Cause in the past they been deceived
But I’m the motherfucker that breeds honesty
Tell you like it is and then leave you where you be

[Chorus: Beenie Man]
To the east and the west the music is propa
So do it for me mama original rapper
Other MCs slide down the gutter
Soft like butter
Name of the rapper
MC Lyte and Beenie Man deya

[Verse 2:]
Now you know I gotta keep 2 just like Noah
From Brooklyn to the corner of Balboa
Get a fresh stock keep ‘em on lock
They wanna act like they don’t know the resume
Knowing that I leave shit up in disarray
Never will I ever have to say “mother may”
I be this fly until the day I die
Now I realize I don’t need alibis cuz I don’t lie
I’m way too wise
My head he will anoint
I’m the focal point
Have them all screamin’ “yo that’s the joint”
As if I didn’t know just how to rock a show
I’m the last dragon to attain the glow
My plans to be to make history
Can’t none of y’all rid hip hop of me
Lyte who? Lyte the MC baby


[Verse 3:]
I got game for days in this entertainment shit
I rap shit, act shit, never that wack shit
I bustin’ numbers, fuck the crap shit
Coast to coast, niggas know I float
Red eye flights hittin’ notes I wrote
‘Cause my dynasty is ordained I planned it
My reign? Niggas can’t stand it
They denial while I’m on the prowl
More than six fouls blowin’ like Miles
I lay like tiles, crocodile smile
For the naysayers that wanna know how
My plans to be to make history
Can’t none of y’all rid hip hop of me

CD 1
  • 1 In My Business
  • 2 Too Fly
  • 3 This Emcee (interlude)
  • 4 Top Billin'
  • 5 Give Me What I Want
  • 6 Woo Woo (Party Time)
  • 7 Playgirls Play
  • 8 Put It on You
  • 9 Propa
  • 10 It's All Yours
  • 11 I Can't Make a Mistake
  • 12 Want What I Got
  • 13 Oogie Boogie
  • 14 Party Goin' On
  • 15 Break It Down
  • 16 Closer
  • 17 Radio's Nightmare (interlude)
  • 18 My Time
  • 19 Assaholic Anonymous (interlude)
  • 20 King of Rock
  • 21 Better Place

  • Release information
    label: EastWest Records America
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin