Who Sang This Emcee (interlude)? MC Lyte

MC Lyte Seven & Seven cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-8-18
length: 2:10

My my my my my my ghetto...
My ghetto got pimps and pushers and big money makers
And shakers and fakers and all the crack makers
And they all live in a place that you and I call the hood
They be up to no good

My ghetto got beats and bootys and cars and ghetto stars
9x9 with steel bars
Pigs roll around leaving bruises and scars
Rolling the dutches and Philly cigars

[Chorus: MC Lyte & Milk Dee]
This emcee, she gets down
Float into hip hop all throughout the town
When I come through the door
Better let me in
Or I'll huff and puff and blow the sucker right in

They wanna tag me, bag me, put they nose in it
I suppose with it, they could get close to it
Most wanna hit it but won't admit it
'Cause if they got to it, they would roast in it
Wanna toast to it, go coast to coast in it
Boast about it, most will shout it
Post re-route it [?] others will doubt it
Ooh, holy cow, look I'm holy now
Profile with style
Meanwhile, I hold it down
Over by the Beacon
Folks, they be peeping out who be creeping
Seeking who be freaking
Often they be leaking
What they believe in
Thoughts are misleading, deceiving
Can't blame it on the rain or the champagne
Or the red white, can't blame it on the hard times
Blame it on the nookie
Awww, sookie sookie
Radio suckers never played me
In the mix now, loving me lately
Once again back is the incredible
Rhyme animal, MC cannibal


You're on the good ship lollipop
It's a sweet trip to the candy shop
You're on the good ship lollipop
It's a sweet trip to the candy shop
You're on the good ship lollipop
It's a sweet trip to the candy shop

CD 1
  • 1 In My Business
  • 2 Too Fly
  • 3 This Emcee (interlude)
  • 4 Top Billin'
  • 5 Give Me What I Want
  • 6 Woo Woo (Party Time)
  • 7 Playgirls Play
  • 8 Put It on You
  • 9 Propa
  • 10 It's All Yours
  • 11 I Can't Make a Mistake
  • 12 Want What I Got
  • 13 Oogie Boogie
  • 14 Party Goin' On
  • 15 Break It Down
  • 16 Closer
  • 17 Radio's Nightmare (interlude)
  • 18 My Time
  • 19 Assaholic Anonymous (interlude)
  • 20 King of Rock
  • 21 Better Place

  • Release information
    label: EastWest Records America
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin