Who Sang Greedy & Pathetic? MDC

MDC Millions of Dead Cops cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Hardcore/Punk
length: 1:23
membranophone: Al Schultz
lead vocals: Dave Dictor
guitar: Ron Posner
bass guitar: Mikey Offender
lyricist: Dave Dictor, Al Schultz
composer: Ron Posner
Never tell the truth
So full of lies
Words so hollow
Depth so shallow
You lie to us
From the 40th floor
Don't even know us
We're desperate and sore
You jack the rent
Can't save a cent
Money we've earned
We already spent
Sorry to say
We're gonna blow you away
Careful starting your car today

So greedy, so pathetic, you're a liar
A slumlord, a thief, you're house is on fire

We see you through your office walls and fancy chairs
Gonna watch you crumble
You better beware

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Business on Parade
  • 2 Dead Cops I / America‚Äôs So Straight / Dead Cops II
  • 3 Born to Die
  • 4 Corporate Deathburger
  • 5 Violent Rednecks
  • 6 I Remember
  • 7 John Wayne Was a Nazi
  • 8 Dick for Brains
  • 9 I Hate Work
  • 10 My Family
  • 11 Greedy & Pathetic
  • 12 Church & State
  • 13 Kill the Light
  • 14 American Achievements