Who Sang I'm Killin Em? Meek Mill feat. Red Café

Release information
Release Date: 2010-4-2
length: 5:12

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Dirty money new work
Smell it on my new shirt
Lying make these niggas feel good but truth hurt (x3)
A lot of niggas do dirt, get it in return
But enough of dirt doing have you sitting with the worms
Bloods dripping tissue burn
Bullets rip your soul up
Hollow tips fucking up your head like a bowl cut
When my niggas roll up they be like hold up
But I be like fuck that cause I do enough [?]
Rather make them pussies bow down like a touchback
I ain't with the talking tell 'em spark 'em like a blunt wrap
Twist them like a Backwood, black laid black hood
Dicked down ski'd up
Hoes down G's up
I couldn't get no Gucci, but I could get an Oozie
Spray up your hood and hit your neighbors just for being nosy
Truthfully, I don't be up on that gun shit
I be on some Puerto Rico chilling with a young bitch
You niggas on that dumb shit, bum shit
My niggas got them birds and come and get a drumstick
I am cooked crack to the [?]
All this rapping got me shining like aluminum foil
These niggas ain't loyal
Money, envy, and greed will destroy you
All over a dollar sign
Meek Milly I am Columbine
And I'm hotter than you niggas like a thousand times

[Hook: Meek Mill]
I'm killing 'em, call a coroner
Look at my pockets bitch, check out the Audemar
Perfect timing, I'm shining
Like a diamond, but nevermind it
I'm killing 'em, I'm killing 'em
I'm killing 'em, call a coroner (x2)

[Verse 2: Red Cafe]
These niggas saying [?] see me scream uh-oh
I'm bout with uh-oh what the fuck is up cuzo
My dogs off the muzzle
My president is black
The Lac, mac, and everything is black
I'm back for the stacks ho nigga call a coroner
On the e way I got the body in the [?]
My niggas is riders, we the frequent flyers
Why you think the cars ain't got no mahfucking mileage
Shake down violent, serve it to them raw
Like I took off the Trojan middle finger to the law
Ya I'm killing them set it off stealing them
Run up on them strapped with the goons Meek Mill and them
If it pop off in the club my niggas started it
Crime rate go up my stacks be a part of it
I'm a rock star you can call me Sonny Bono
I'm a cowboy you can call me Tony Romo


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Green light, red light
Shining like a headlight
Shwaty got her head right
I be there every night
But fuck that, I be stuck in the trap like I'm a dead mice
Watching for them fed lights, trying to get my bread right
I'm like [?] if you know me
Grey and black spur on dubs call it Ginobili
You niggas like 40, can't stick me to hold me
I'll kill you if you think about telling like [?]
Cause all that snitching shit we don't play that
That K will spin a nigga wheel Pat Sajak
Abandoned houses, where the tape at
[?] stick all in his ass tell him take that
I need a Maybach better yet a Phantom
If you killing these niggas out there this the anthem
I ain't a pretty nigga, I ain't handsome
I'm just grimy, with a mac 90
I'm from north side but south side where you find me
In the trenches where ninety percent of niggas grimy
And they dirty, clips whole thirty
On the block with that Yao Ming, you heard me
My north niggas they'll kill you for a point
They kidnap your mom and rape you sister for a joint
Shot your daddy in the head
All over that money they'll carry you to bed, yea


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