Who Sang We Getting Money? Meek Mill

Meek Mill Flamers 2 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-11
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:36

[Intro: Meek Mill]
We getting money (you dig)
Money (you dig), money (you dig), money

[Hook: Meek Mill]
We getting money over got my block wide open
Throw a stack up in the air if you the trapper of the year
We getting money (you dig)
Money (you dig), money (you dig), money
We getting money over got my block wide open
Throw a stack up in the air if you the trapper of the year
We getting money (you dig)
Money (you dig), money (you dig), money

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
We all here my dogs here
Ball here and ball there
Dog I think I bought so much I need a bald head
Cut my braid off get a hard head
And I just need that Audemar, heavy diamonds all red
Biddies they like how you been
Thought you had a five to ten
I tell them bitches money talk, and my niggas got it in
I be getting higher than, Dominic
Cause I'm a big dog Glen Robinson
Don't worry about what I be in
Flow so dominate play with birds like I'm Donovan
Mcnabb, quick fast you'll get your shit tagged
Think I caught a stomach shot cause I be in my shit bag
Shitting on niggas just dipping on niggas
Getting money over here
Hating ass niggas looking bummy over there
But they don't want it over here
Cause I got forty on my hip, thirty in the clip
I throw like twenty in your wheel, the other ten to twist your shit


[Verse 2: Bump J]
I'm 'bout my money, I-I'm 'bout my money
You'll see that forty if you try and take it from me
Now Bumpy I was raised on the block
I keep them birds flying every hour it don't stop
I got that paper stacking like its mail again
Chopping up them pelicans
Hustle 'til them put me in that box or in that cell again
Ya I got it tell a friend, numbers on the low
Throw me one the hommie cop it now that hommie got to go
I get that money on the O, these niggas trying to count it
They swimming in the ocean fuck it I got to drown them
Loso say [?], Chops we 'gon get them
That forty get to rocking 'til the cops come fit them
I'm trapper of the year I stack it when I make it
And when a nigga spend it these niggas can't take it
Them YSL sneakers I got G's on the brim
Twenty grand in the chain
Make them thieves look at him


[Verse 3: Gillie Da Kid]
I'm getting money over here I get money over there
I'm a hustle it see baby I get money anywhere
Trapper of the year I get stacks up out my rear
Man that's money out the ass and it came from selling [?]
Hold up, I know you wish I tell y'all niggas
So then you get me locked up and I have to mail my niggas
Got the city in a headlock, hood in a frenzy
Block wide open so them cops eyes open
Nigga violate me and my Glock hot smoking
Somebody go tell the hustlers Popeye's open
They don't see no money they vision too bleak
While I'm laughing in the Aston with the air conditioned seats
They want to lock me down like they trying to do Meek
But they came paid bail and I was home in a week
Look at them hater looking funny over there
While we hustling hard get money over here


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  • 26 Outro