Who Sang Chosen? Meliah Rage

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal
length: 6:15
I was lost, I was broken
I was chosen
Are we lost? Are we broken?
Are we chosen?

Frozen lifeless dead to the world
you scream that silent scream
Searching in your misery to find
some wasted common theme
Torn and battered, laid to rest
no one there, just pain
Can"t ya see my withered face?
The lines they seem so plain

Choose your way, Quench your thirst
Black or white
The chosen ones will fight the fight!

Looking back through the haze I see a lonely boy
A rage inflamed by a foolish fear of becoming what he hates
Empty, drained, abandoned days will never be repaid
They frame a mind to do the same or maybe break the chain

He is lost, He is broken he is cracked and crushed He is chosen
Are we lost? Are we broken? Are we cracked and crushed? Are we chosen?
I was lost, I was broken I was cracked and crushed I was chosen
Are you lost? Are you broken? Are you cracked and crushed? Are you chosen?

Can he change? Has he changed? Or just out of his mind
They say that destiny moves on if you give it time
Good or evil, Life or death, Heaven or hell, refined
Gaze upon the world anew, Bring forth "One King" defined

CD 1
  • 1 Lost or Found
  • 2 Chosen
  • 3 History Will Tell
  • 4 Dreamer
  • 5 Seeker
  • 6 Hour Glass
  • 7 Masquerade
  • 8 Last Rites
  • 9 Whatever It Takes