Who Sang Lost or Found? Meliah Rage

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal
length: 7:57

Why do you hide? Why do you lie?
Can't you see that He knows all and all?
All that we do, all that we say
All shall kneel down on our judgment day
Lost or found today, hear what I say
Seek and you will find, truth is here to stay
Stay on the road, straight'n narrow path
Most will take their own, wide broad way with wrath
Wrath binds the heart, takes and rips apart
Observation met, more to this than said
Said is all the truth, so let it rain on you
Drench your inner soul, left behind not you
Lost or Found it's your call
Seek to find, or just fall
Lost or found, truth or lies
Bring it on, eternal life
Lost or found, it's our call
Take me back, here I crawl
Lost or found, found or lost
At Golgotha's cross
I am He who searches mind and heart
The faithful and truth the morning star
I am Son of man King of Kings
The First and Last to Him I sing
Find me...Hear Me...Love Me
Find me...Hear Me...Love Me...Love Me
Come take my hand, here we shall stand
I feel your pain, every scar engrained
Engrained is senseless fear, forcing every tear
But a ray of light, sparks and then ignites
Ignite the flame inside, darkness can not hide
Change from within, now the journey's end...
End of the pain and the suffering
Cast it on the Throne, Father it is done

CD 1
  • 1 Lost or Found
  • 2 Chosen
  • 3 History Will Tell
  • 4 Dreamer
  • 5 Seeker
  • 6 Hour Glass
  • 7 Masquerade
  • 8 Last Rites
  • 9 Whatever It Takes