Who Sang This Time of Year? Melissa Ferrick

Release information
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Pop Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:35

This Time of Year
Rain turns to snow
Northeast covers up
Let’s let the fire burn out
Head to bed
Ya but baby leave those shades up
I want to watch the night fall
I wanna feel the moon rise
Right here in your arms
Cause it’s
This time of year
I feel alive
Hopeful for the next
But happy
To leave this one behind
Let’s leave this year behind
Snow quiets the streets
Forces trees to bow
Reminding me that giving in
Isn’t always breaking down
So I’m waiting for the car
To heat up and defrost
Ya shivering and grunting I'm just
Waiting for my bones to adjust
So I'm
Crunching out of the driveway
Death-grip on my steering wheel
When a smile comes over me
And I got to admit
I’m happy i live here
I’m happy i live here
Aren’t you happy you live here
Baby leave those shades up

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