Who Sang Judgement Day? Mentors

Release information
Release Date: 1985
length: 4:55
Listen everybody to what I say
Halleluja, it´s judgement day
Kregs and parites every day
Mentors are here to stay
I love it when your head hangs like
A bowling ball tied to spaghetti
Because when I hack it
I´ll do it with a rusty machete

Watch out all creeps and all you f__s
Listen to me, wimps with those s___s
Being f__gy and lookin´ like a b____
You´ll be shucked and dumped in a ditch
All you new wavers on the block
I´m gonna ball your sister when I rock
Yeah baby, be a lay
Come on now it´s your judgement day

Judgement day, Mentors all the way

All you rich kids make daddy buy your amps
But your tired music gives my ears the cramps
I wanna be poor and play judgement rock
Than look Sissy like a peacock
All you lesbos with your leather and spikes
All you are lesbians and d___s
Put on your combat boots and hike
Because you´re just another dinbat d___

It´s judgement day,
it´s here to stay every day
It´s judgement day

All you f__gots, this is what I have to say
Cut off your heads, kill every gay
I don´t care if my buddies are afraids
They don´t wanna get no herpes or no AIDS
Come on now, you don´t wanna fall like Rome
And become another home - and be gay
Kill ém every day, f__ bashin´ all the way
No more sickness and no more AIDS
No more f__gots, they should be beat up every day
hallelujha, we´re here to stay
Mentors all the way!

12" Vinyl 1
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  • Release information
    label: Death Records
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin