Looking Glass Waltz Lyrics - Merchandise

Merchandise After The End cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-8-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock/Post-Punk

Here comes the new consciousness
Riding the back of a brave new empire
Telling us all to just be easy

But I turn and connect the dots
Between Man and what History shows
They tell me it's a foolish thing
That nobody can know
But nobody can wait

In come the marching drum band
To the stand with the church singers too
They're here to signal the end
So let your ears bend and keep turning blue

Things only go this way
And no one gets to go home
O' you're better off making your place
On the dark side of the road
Where no one goes

Now that it's over at last
Time can relapse and forget itself
Choose to be nothing at all
And I'll be nothing with you

O' nostalgia is just a looking glass
It's for us to distort and mold
Won't someone please help me
I'm too young to feel this old
But the feeling goes

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