Merkules - Givin' Up Lyrics

release date: 2017-4-20
length: 2:53

Trust your motherfuckin' gut, baby
2017, watch what I do with this
It's kinda crazy they never used to believe in us, man
But at the end of the day that's their fault
Up In Arms, Ephin, SDK

[Verse 1]
The feelings sucks when it gets tough but I ain't givin' up
My feelings sort of like Pac did what he wrote 'Hit 'Em Up'
I have no luck, I catch a buzz just to catch a buzz
It's wack as fuck, I'm havin' dream of livin' platinum plus
So when I fall down I get back up, I gotta get these bucks and look past the shit that sucks
So I just hit that blunt and act like I give no fuck
It's the bottles the only thing I depend on bruh
I tried makin' a difference but I ain't gainin' no interest
There's not a thang in the fridge and it's make me angry, I'm livin'
The north facin' a winter and I can't pay for my dinner
Man, I got so used to losin', now I hate all the winners
It's fuckin' makin' me sick, so I drink this case full of [?]
Till I fall asleep, hammered in my chair with my liquor
Yeah, I'm aware it's a problem but I'm still hearin' a picture
It isn't fair but I giver, I never scared, I'm not quiter
No givin' up

Givin' Up
It's hard to dooo

No matter what, I'm never...
I'm not a quiter, I ain't...
Gotta get up, I ain't...

[Verse 2]
It's hard as fuck but I prove 'em wrong when they call my bluff
'Cause now I'm on the roll and last year I was on a bus
I used to brake up [?] but now I'm breakin' in the door
I had to face the fact to make it, I need patience to control
Now I'm playin' fifty gates in different places around the globe
They call me Merkules, it's almost like my name was never called
I collect a couple 'kay and hit a stage on every show
So they hate me.. yeah, I know but get some paper on your own
Yo, it took me time to realize that nothin' is impossible
The hard part for me was trynna fuckin' be responsible
I'm juggin' on this bottle full of vodka, I'm unstoppable
The people that I've met in foreign countries are phenomenal
I sucked it up, I had to follow my dreams and keep on dodgin' all the bullshit or get caught in between
I used to wanna be like them but now they wanna be me
Forever thankful for the people that I got on my team
It's Stompdown

I kept runnin', I ain't...
No matter what, I'm never...
Another day and I ain't...

Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Trust Your Gut
  • 2 Givin' Up
  • 3 Pump (feat. Tech N9ne & Stevie Ross)
  • 4 Way Down
  • 5 Bawlz
  • 6 Hit 'Em Kill 'Em Shoot 'Em Dead (feat. Caspian)
  • 7 Live This (feat. Evil Ebenezer)
  • 8 Conor McGregor
  • 9 I'm From
  • 10 Direction
  • 11 Gon Die (feat. Stevie Ross)
  • 12 Enemies
  • 13 Witcha

  • Album Information
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin