Who Sang Athena? Metalium

Metalium As One: Chapter Four cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-3-29
length: 4:47
It is said about... Athena

"In fear the unborn Athena could become a more powerful god than her father
Zeus himself,
He swallowes the pregnant mother Metis. Smith-God Hephaistos released Athena
by chopping off Zeus head
with an axe to become the goddess of wisdom and art, as well as the Greek
goddness of war and peace
With Medusas chopped-off head, strapped to her battle shield, Athena was

CD 1
  • 1 Astral Avatar
  • 2 Warrior
  • 3 Pain Crawles in the Night
  • 4 Find Out
  • 5 No One Will Save You
  • 6 Meaning of Light
  • 7 Illuminated (Opus One)
  • 8 Meaning of Light (reprise)
  • 9 Athena
  • 10 Power Strikes the Earth
  • 11 Screaming in the Darkness
  • 12 Goddess of Love and Pain
  • 13 As One (Finale)