Who Sang Yowie's Hilltop Adventure? Metanoia

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal
length: 8:01
Confusion is twisting my mind
Emptiness is filling me
So alone is how I feel
Losing the grip on reality
The pills don't help at all
I want to feel reality
GOD is so real

Suicide is raping my brain
From this I must restrain
I don't want this pain
It's sending me insane

I've felt God's love before
I need it and want it again
The answers not in a needle
And mary jane is not my friend
I drink up
I fall down
Jesus I need your help
And I need it now

False fulfilment is so wrong
My soul feels so dry
Christ, I reach out my hands for you
Dear God, please save me from myself

I no longer wish to die
God has shown me a purpose in life
To help and show others the light
And to be a servant of CHRIST

CD 1
  • 1 First the Kingdom
  • 2 Pain
  • 3 Don't Walk Dead
  • 4 By His Word
  • 5 The Blame
  • 6 Yowie's Hilltop Adventure
  • 7 Can You Feel It
  • 8 Reflections
  • 9 Grave Beyond a Slave
  • 10 Threshold of the Annihilation
  • 11 Kneeling Before Your Throne
  • 12 Never
  • 13 [untitled]