Who Sang All I Ask of You? Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford Performs Andrew Lloyd Webber cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Musical
length: 4:51
producer: Don Reedman and Jeff Jarratt
vocal: Michael Crawford and Barbara Bonney
orchestra: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
engineer: Mike Jarratt
arranger: David Cullen
assistant engineer: Simon Rhodes
lyricist: Richard Stilgoe, Charles Hart
composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber
No more talk
of darkness,
Forget these
wide-eyed fears.
I'm here,
nothing can harm you -
my words will
warm and calm you.
Let me be
your freedom,
let daylight
dry -your tears.
I'm here,
with you, beside you,
to guard you
and to guide you . . .
Say you love me
waking moment,
turn my head
with talk of summertime . . .
Say you need me
with you,
now and always . . .
promise me that all
you say is true -
that's all I ask
of you . . .
Let me be
your shelter,
let me
be your light.
You're safe:
No-one will find you
your fears are
far behind you . . .
All I want
is freedom,
a world with
no more night . . .
and you
always beside me
to hold me
and to hide me . . .
Then say you'll share with
me one
love, one lifetime . . .
Iet me lead you
from your solitude . . .
Say you need me
with you
here, beside you . . .
anywhere you go,
let me go too -
that's all I ask
of you . . .
Say you'll share with
me one
love, one lifetime . . .
say the word
and I will follow you . . .
Share each day with
me, each
night, each morning . . .
Say you love me . . .
You know I do . . .
Love me -
that's all I ask
of you . . .
(They kiss)
Anywhere you go
let me go too . . .
Love me -
that's all I ask
of you . .
(CHRISTINE starts from her reverie)
I must go -
they'll wonder where I am . . .
wait for me, Raoul!
Christine, I love you!
Order your fine horses!
Be with them at the door!
And soon you'll be beside me!
You'll guard me, and you'll guide me . . .
(They hurry off. The PHANTOM emerges from
behind the statue)

CD 1
  • 1 Any Dream Will Do
  • 2 All I Ask of You
  • 3 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  • 4 And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)
  • 5 Nothing Like You've Ever Known
  • 6 Tell Me on a Sunday
  • 7 Gethsemane
  • 8 The Phantom of the Opera
  • 9 The Music of the Night
  • 10 Memory
  • 11 Only You
  • 12 Other Pleasures/The First Man You Remember
  • 13 Love Changes Everything