Who Sang Lip Service? Michael Franks

Michael Franks The Camera Never Lies cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Michael P. Franks
Release Date: 1987-7-7
Genre: Jazz Rock
Style: Fusion/Pop Rock/Jazz-Rock
length: 4:13
remixer: Kevin Halpin
producer: Rob Mounsey
piano: Richard Tee
lead vocals: Michael Franks
recording engineer: Richard Alderson, Jon Wolfson and Kevin Halpin
background vocals: Lani Groves, Patti Austin and Квітка Цісик
guitar: Cornell Dupree and Jeff Mironov
drums (drum set): Robin Gould
bass guitar: Will Lee
composer: Michael Franks
lyricist: Michael Franks
Here we are again
That fatal combination
I guess it's opposite attraction
It's gone too far again
This crazy conversation
It's like a nuclear reaction
Lady your lip service has no rival
Don't you know deception is uncouth?
Didn't you read somewhere in the Bible
Not to bend the truth?
If you think your lip service will amaze me
You're utterly confused - that much is clear
'Cause baby your lip service doesn't faze me
It's so insincere
It's only lip service
It's nothin' but lip service
There you are again
Unable to conceal it
That hourglass configuration
It's gone too far again
Believe me, I can feel it
I can't resist that old temptation
Lady your lip service can be vicious
Don't you know deception is uncouth?
However your lips look so delicious
While they bend the truth
Give me some lip service, just attack me
I know I have asked you to be real
But sometimes your lip service is exactly
What I want to feel
Tired of of truces
Eloquence is useless
Eighty-six it
'Cause all this talk won't fix it

CD 1
  • 1 Face to Face
  • 2 I Surrender
  • 3 The Camera Never Lies
  • 4 Lip Service
  • 5 When I Think of Us
  • 6 Island Life
  • 7 Now You’re in My Dreams
  • 8 Doctor Sax
  • 9 Innuendo