Who Sang Moonlit Prayer? Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott Gethsemane cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Rock Pop
length: 4:38
These evenings soaked with dreams hung on the lines of eternity
Stephanie and me we were caught in the light of reality
Fixed on a star like a candle hangin' above me
I'm never gonna stray too far from my savior in second hand blue jeans
It's a losing proposition when you're born on this block
Your eyes can't move and your legs can't talk
I can't even begin to explain the staleness in the air
We were just two lost souls gettin' wasted on a moonlit prayer

Conner and Des sat there so statuesque
On barstools leanin' forward lookin' in need of some rest
The accordion player with that jagged one eyed smile
Said "I'm gonna take a little break and I'll be back in just a while"
While the old songs of Ireland disappeared into the walls
The bandit boy was carvin' his perversions in the stalls
Stumblin' to the street he walked away like he didn't have a care
He was dressed like poisonous sunlight wishin' on a moonlit prayer

Detroit Junior was in a mid life scheme
Another aberration to his real life dream
Slippin' and slidin' and a skatin' with the best
He was always on the corner with Connie in her Guatemalan vest
Tellin' tales of when he was a singer right before the war
He'll never get a chance to tell us why he kicked that chair to the floor
Some kids were at the quarry last night they said hey saw his ghost with fire in his hair
he was dancin' on the water.....
Under a moonlit prayer

There's balconies and barbers and a mistress in the door
There's a shrine of faith in the window upon the second floor
At the bottom of the hamper is where all of Earl's money is stashed
And the marks upon the wall mark the day since she's passed
The supermarket junkies are out on parade
With their nickels in their pockets
And their bottles of Chardonnay
Smashing those broken bottles and those bodies into the walls of despair
Disappearing down the alley
Lost in a moonlit prayer

Stephanie accept me just the way I am
For my love is one of limits and of things that I don't understand
In this nameless town and a tainted crown I'm a king without a throne
But I still get overcome with doubt in these nights all alone
I've been lookin' for a sign babe, I haven't got a clue
If you surrender your heart to me
I'll surrender mine to you
Imagine the two of us riding bareback in the distance on a silk white mare
We'll disappear into the sky
Chasin' a moonlit prayer

CD 1
  • 1 Eden
  • 2 Just West of Eden
  • 3 Moonlit Prayer
  • 4 Need Some Surrender
  • 5 Leave It Up to the Angels
  • 6 Anything
  • 7 A Day Like Tomorrow
  • 8 Nights Like These
  • 9 Lantern
  • 10 Somewhere
  • 11 Sailor
  • 12 The Idler, the Prophet and a Girl Called Rain
  • 13 Whiskey and Water