Who Sang Need Some Surrender? Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott Gethsemane cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Rock Pop
length: 4:14
Margaret quoted Whitman, and talked about the grass
She had bells around her ankles and spoke of a love that's sure to last
I knew of all her tragedy
I could see through her veneer
She said, "I wish to Christ that somethin' for once would just seem clear"
With my life I swore I'd always defend her
Now She's gone and I need some surrender

In between the hours in which daylight fades away
These sad and lonely flowers trampled by decay
Can you understand how it gets so hard to stand
When everything you once held is taken from your hands
The colors danced across the auburn skies of November
Now I need some surrender

O come all ye faithful

Have you ever chased a rainbow or thrown darts up at the moon
Ever followed a fallin' star through the windows of your room
All the things that we believe in
Will all soon pass away
But I'm wiser than I once was
And gettin' more foolish every day
As a child I played on the streets of promise
With hearts of splendor
I'm older now, and I need some surrender

CD 1
  • 1 Eden
  • 2 Just West of Eden
  • 3 Moonlit Prayer
  • 4 Need Some Surrender
  • 5 Leave It Up to the Angels
  • 6 Anything
  • 7 A Day Like Tomorrow
  • 8 Nights Like These
  • 9 Lantern
  • 10 Somewhere
  • 11 Sailor
  • 12 The Idler, the Prophet and a Girl Called Rain
  • 13 Whiskey and Water