Who Sang Nights Like These? Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott Gethsemane cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Rock Pop
length: 4:01
Silence fell like healing, as I turned to shout
"Won't somebody up there please help me out?"
There's a dead end street around every corner I take
And the daylight displays my greatest mistakes
Hallucinations, body and soul
Each night I feel a little more less in control
She spoke of Whitman and the turnin' of the leaves
Lovers were made for nights like these

I've been waiting on the wonder, I dream does exist
They smile as I'm goin' under and claim I'll be missed
One step away from paradise one step away from pain
The seeds of despair bloom into weeds of shame
I've seen a fallen rainbow in white and black
I can feel that restless shadow stickin' knives in my back
But there's penance and passion, patience and peace
Lovers were made for nights like these

Now the cool majestic evening invites me to burn
I've been waitin' for tomorrow but tonight it's my turn
Intoxicated by the banter that the bluebird sings
By the visions of forgiveness when those church bells ring
I've seen the face of evil, sometimes it looks like mine
I've confronted all my weaknesses, down on my knees

Lovers were made of nights like these
Dreamin' was made for nights like these
Salvation was made for nights like these
Forgiveness was made for nights like these
Lovers were made for nights like these

CD 1
  • 1 Eden
  • 2 Just West of Eden
  • 3 Moonlit Prayer
  • 4 Need Some Surrender
  • 5 Leave It Up to the Angels
  • 6 Anything
  • 7 A Day Like Tomorrow
  • 8 Nights Like These
  • 9 Lantern
  • 10 Somewhere
  • 11 Sailor
  • 12 The Idler, the Prophet and a Girl Called Rain
  • 13 Whiskey and Water