Who Sang Reach Out? Midfield General feat. Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis Generalisation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-7-10
length: 5:27
I've felt this way for a while
Like time is stealing my smile away
Like darkness holds the day

I'm running at a break-neck pace
As it in a race
But what do I stand to win
To cross the line again

I'm too tired to sleep
I need to find peace
Is this where my rest begins

When I reach out to you
Reach out to you (there I find a hiding place)
Reach out to you (there I find a source of strength)
Reach out to you

So busy I can barely breathe
Temptation seems
To keep me off my knees
Yet that is where I want to be

I'm sitting in the shallow end
A pool of good intent
Distraction has my feet
It pulls me underneath

Now it's sink or swim
Throw the life line in
God show me what I should do

When I reach out to you
Reach out to you (there I find a joy divine)
Reach out to you (there I find a peace of mind)

Reach out to you [Repeat: x4]

I have failed and yet
Still you give, I get
I remain amazed at that

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