Who Sang Escape (Not the Pina Colada Song)? Midnight Brown

Midnight Brown 2084 cover art
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Release Date: 2004-12
length: 2:30
No one ever said that life outside the law was what they wanted
But once you get to taste it boy, you'll grab right on and you will flaunt it
I live my life just for myself, no time to plan out for tomorrow
We hit and run and smash and grab and all we leave behind is sorrow
"Escape"'s what he said to me, "We have to get away
I've got tickets to fly so pack your things we'll teleport today
Unplug the phone, forget the door they'll be here really soon
So strap on your helmet kid, we're fleeing to the moon.
Fleeing to the moon."

I made my choice ten years ago and every day I think about it
No regrets and no attachments, my life of crime leaves me no home
But you're involved, now you're with me and the equation does not fit
My last job's to steal this s***eship, come on it's time we're leaving home(?)

Now wave your hands from side to side!
On the moon, there's no need to hide.
It's a big moon party and I'm all excited!
Everyone but the police are invited!
It's you, me, and the booty in tow(?)
Knocking golf b**** to and fro
It's a party, all, so the kegs will flow
Great reception on the radio
The taco shop on the moon is open all night
Eating under the stars, there's no reason to fight
There are makeout rooms over on the dark side
So get yours, no one will be denied!
The moon rules, you know it's number one!
And the only key rule is to have fun!
It's a big celebration and we'll feel just fine.
It's the finest moon party since '69.
69, Dude!

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    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin