Who Sang Hey Piper? Midnight Brown

Midnight Brown 2084 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-12
length: 2:53
Hey, hey Piper, hey, hey Piper how ya doing?
Hey Piper, when will you come back home?
Hey Piper! Hey, hey Piper are you there?
Hey Piper, call me from your other phone.
Hey Piper, hey Piper, hey Piper I miss you...
Hey, hey Piper, why did you leave us all alone?
Hey, hey Piper, hey, hey, hey Piper don't cry.
Hey Piper, didn't even leave a reason why.

Lemme talk a little bit about Piper and me, we first met back in '93
And she's the type of girl that get's straight to the point, she buys black coffee and she's outta the joint.
Now I don't drink coffee but don't get me wrong. It don't mean that me and Piper didn't really get along.
We went out on some dates, but that's about it, then she moved to San Diego and turned ultraviolet.

Hey, hey Piper, hey, hey, hey Piper, what's the haps?
Hey Piper, you really need to come get your mail.
Hey, hey Piper, hey there Piper how've you been?
Hey Piper, hey Piper, hey Piper, these chips are stale.
Hey Piper, hey Piper, ran into your mom last week.
Hey, hey Piper, think about you everyday without fail.
Hey Piper, hey, hey Piper, hey Piper how ya doing?
Hey Piper, when will you let me outta jail?

When it comes to vice, Piper's got it down.
She loves the indie rock and the girls gone wild.
The glass is fogged up cause she's gone insane,
Find her out at night dancin' naked in the rain.
She doesn't burn incense but she's got me incensed,
Our feelings for each other were just too intense.
Consumed by the fire and she's all alone.
Try as she might she just can't go home.
Piper I can't take you back,
You've given me my last heart attack.
If you like it down south then just stay there.
It's the best for both of us if ya just stay there.

Just move on and I'll do the same,
Try to make repairs, no my hearts been maimed.
And I'll take it as I can just day by day.
Ultraviolet girl just fly away.

Digital Media 1
  • 1 2084
  • 2 Hey Piper
  • 3 Baristacratic
  • 4 too hot
  • 5 Otto Pilot
  • 6 The Compound
  • 7 i'm a god
  • 8 Mortimer Wild
  • 9 puddle of u
  • 10 The Metal (in My Face)
  • 11 Call 'em Like You See 'em
  • 12 Escape (Not the Pina Colada Song)
  • 13 The Freezersuits

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    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin