Who Sang too hot? Midnight Brown

Midnight Brown 2084 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-12
length: 2:06
Why is she on the streets
This girl you'd like to meet
No way to be discrete
No way to beat her heat
The fire In her eyes
It cant be justified
Swallow your stupid pride
Her gaze might make you die, she's

Too hot to Jaywalk
(Her eyes, her hair, my tongue, her arm, oh yeaah!)

Too hot to Jaywalk
(Her lips, her hips, my mind, on fire, oh yeah!)
She's way above your league
You don't got what she needs
Stare till you get fatigued
In your mind you do the deed

She might be on da makin'
Your heads just keep on shakin'
She's yours until you wake and
she's hot like fryin' bacon!
Too hot to Jaywalk
(Her feet, her knees, you want to please, but she's - )

Too hot to Jaywalk
(No chance, no way, its not your day, oh yeah)

Too hot to Jaywalk x2

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