Who Sang Frayed Ends? Midtown

Midtown Save the World, Lose the Girl cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-2-15
length: 6:28
you are the last one
who can recognize his friends
and nothing ever changes
you're always exchanging
peace of mind for everything
you want everything.
you want it all
i can see it in your eyes
i can see right through you
there's nothing to you
you conjure lies
and you'll surround yourself with everyone
who says what you need to feel
all right everyone
who speaks the words
that make you perpetually contrived
they say what you want to hear
say what you want to hear
what you want to
why can't you be strong?

CD 1
  • 1 Just Rock and Roll
  • 2 Direction
  • 3 Recluse
  • 4 Another Boy
  • 5 Let Go
  • 6 No Place Feels Like Home
  • 7 Such a Person
  • 8 We Bring Us Down
  • 9 Knew it All Along
  • 10 Come On
  • 11 Resting Sound
  • 12 Frayed Ends