Who Sang Open? Mike Scott

Release information
Release Date: 1997-9-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 2:56
composer: Mike Scott
lyricist: Mike Scott
Open to the world
open to spirit
open to the changing wind
open to touch
open to nature
open to the world within
open to change
open to adventure
open to the new
open to love
open to miracles
open Beloved to You

Open to learn
open to laughter
open to being blessed
open to joy
open to service
open to saying "Yes !"
open to risk
open to passion
to peace and silence too
open to love
open to beauty
open Beloved to You

CD 1
  • 1 Questions
  • 2 My Dark Side
  • 3 Open
  • 4 Love Anyway
  • 5 Rare, Precious and Gone
  • 6 Dark Man of My Dreams
  • 7 Personal
  • 8 Strawberry Man
  • 9 Sunrising
  • 10 Everlasting Arms