Who Sang Grateful? Miles Away

Release information
Release Date: 2015-5-5
length: 2:50
We spent our youth cramped in borrowed vans
Saving up money just to pay some rent
So we could pack our bags, leave again, stay up all night and see the world
I know that we fought, I know that we laughed, as time goes by we drift away
But every time I think about those days, the places we've seen
The good and the bad and all that's in between
Every day we woke up somewhere new, we'd laugh to ourselves, just couldn't wait to explore
Grateful... nothing more
The faces, the nights, the fires, the dives
The pieces of a puzzle we will never divide
These lessons we have learned, they taught us everything, the world that we now know
There's so much more to this life that we now understand, I'll never feel all alone
Respect where respect is due
The times we got so low, tangled up on the road, this game of life we play
Respect where respect is due
You always gave up your time, sometimes undeserved, you led the way for me
Through and through, there are some things I can't explain
Without you, all the substance fades away
I thank you, all the times you went out on a limb
So grateful... these connections, the songs we sing
I gave this everything, you gave me everything
We gave our all for this, you made this everything
I won't complain about my life today and I feel so d*** lucky it turned out this way

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