Who Sang You Get Me? Mina feat. Seal

Release information
Release Date: 2010-5-25
Genre: Pop
Style: Chanson/Ballad/Vocal
length: 4:53
If I say no, if I resist
If I don't give in to this
Would it be a lesson or a loss?

Suddenly I know what it's about
Thoughts come in, and words come out
Suddenly I'm not killing time
It's all over now

You get me
You get me

Like a beautiful song
You've heard a million times
Like the rainbow's end
You can never find

You get me
You get me

If I say yes, if I let it go
And face the consequence of no
Would it lead to living with regret?

Suddenly the walls are coming down
I wont be the same when I come around
Suddenly I am understood
It's all over now

You get me
You get me

Just like a red sunset
Where the sky meets sea
Like no one alive
you appear in my dreams

You get me
You get me
Honey, you get me
You get me

Like a beautiful song, (beautiful song)
You heard a million times (a million times)
Like that rainbow's end (like the rainbow's end)
That you can never find

It's hard to ignore
And undeniable, too
It's thrilling inside (it's the thrilling inside)
When I look at you

You get me
You get me

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