Who Sang Khajiit Like to Sneak? Miracle of Sound

Miracle of Sound LEVEL 2 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-7-12
length: 3:16
Khajiit like to sneak
Manoeuvres silken and sleek
The darkest corners we seek
In the night
So feline and fair
From the sands of Elsweyr
And through our glistening stare
Perfect sight

Don't leave your treasures ignored
Get bigger bolts on your doors
And tougher locks on your drawers
Watch the street...

You see the stealth is an art
Pick your tumblers apart
You know you never can outsmart
A Khajiit
Be not afraid
Stick to the shade

Khajiit like to sneak
The rocks of Skyrim so bleak
The frozen boulders and peaks
We avoid

Stick to the cities replete
Move with the quietest feet
Make every fool on the streets
So lock your windows and pray
Your jewels aren't stolen away
Khajiit are coming to play
With your things

Relieving you of your purse
Throughout the guild it's dispersed
And while you crib and you curse
We will sing!

Be not afraid
Stick to the shade

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