Who Sang Mining All Day Long? Miracle of Sound

Miracle of Sound LEVEL 1- The 2011 Collection cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-12-21
length: 3:10
Well I boot you up and my imagination's runnin' wild
Haven't felt this way since I was buildin' Lego as a child
Got my workbench good to go, my sticks and planks are all stockpiled
And I feel good cause I been minin' all day long
Now I spent the afternoon starin' at my computer screen
Till I start to see the world in grey and blue and brown and green
These pixels are so simple and so beautiful and clean
And I feel good cause I been minin' all day long

And Hey Hey Hey! I been minin' all day long
I could barely drag myself away to sing this song
Hey hey hey, my castle's super strong!
And I feel good cause I been minin' all day long
Now it's hard to think of offices and motorways and bills
When I'm tunnelling through oceans, beaches and cascading hills
These creepers make me run away, these spiders give me chills
But I feel good cause I been mining all day long
rpt chorus

Now I hope that they got Minecraft up in Heaven when I die
I'll be loggin' on to God's great super-server in the sky
His frame-rate's in the hundreds and his settings are all high
We got arrows, food and diamonds in an infinite supply...

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