Who Sang Mortal Kombat Party? Miracle of Sound

Miracle of Sound LEVEL 1- The 2011 Collection cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-12-21
length: 3:24
Finish him!

Back in the day we used to sit spellbound
Get every kid in the neighbourhood round
We had the one Super Nintendo on the block
We used laugh at our parents gettin' shocked
Now that we're older, we're less mature
Fatalities will never lose their allure
Call up your friends and tell them be here by nine
They're gonna watch Sub Zero rip out your spine

Finish him!
The looks of horror and the shouts of delight
We all suck and b***on bash when we fight
Everyone cringes when I pick Kung Lao
They all stop eating cause they know what's coming now

Slice you apart and you squeal like Liu Kang
Like Johnny Cage just punched you in the w***
The guys cry and the ladies scream
Kung Lao and I make a pretty good team
Finish him!

So get over here!
Grab yourself a beer
It's a Mortal Kombat Party!
Take a trip with you
Back to '92
It's a Mortal Kombat party!

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