Who Sang Prodigal Son? Misery Inc.

Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Metalcore

Follow the lead clown here. Burn your eyes with a pile of lies
Turn the wheels of fear. Mindless saviour in disguise
Hooray for the foray. Together or alone, they should be at home
I can't believe my eyes. Burn your eyes with a pile of lies

No boundaries for stupidity!
Hollow stare, we all should beware
Pointing fingers, pointing guns!
OK for him, forbidden for us

Red carpet for the prodigal son, red carpet!

How you run, how you run
Now look what you have done!
I wish I could follow blindly smiling
Follow blindly smiling the prodigal son

Prepare yourself once again
Stifle your cry, repressed anger
Wipe out, destroy and win!
Weep for joy. Welcome manic vulgar
Vote, use your voice, it's a choice
Respect the rest of your humanity
Fuck the failed system!
One way ticket to insanity!

CD 1
  • 1 Cheap Clone
  • 2 Blinded by Power
  • 3 Devil's Advocate
  • 4 Ticket but No Ride
  • 5 Fall of the Idol
  • 6 Prodigal Son
  • 7 Modern Day Human Waste
  • 8 Obsession
  • 9 New World Messiah
  • 10 After You
  • 11 Candyman
  • 12 They All Will Get What They Deserve