Work It (remix) Lyrics - Missy Elliott feat. 50 Cent

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Release information
Release Date: 2002-11-11
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Contemporary R&B/Pop Rap
length: 5:06
remixer: Timbaland
guest: 50 Cent
writer: Timbaland, Missy Elliott
[Busta Rhymes]
There's only one God sonny, and there ain't no replacement
And anybody thinking different just get locked in the basement
You know we had to touch the beat cause the track is dope, *****
And throw some bullet's at you the size of cantaloupes, *****
A lot of *****s rolling around like they can't get touched
Even the pope know to stay in bullet proof Benz trucks
Flipmode up in this *****, ya *****s know we on fire
We hang *****s like old sneakers from telephone wires

[50 Cent:]
Flip mode!

[Chorus: Missy]
Is it worth it, let me work it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
("I put my thing down, flip and reverse it")
If you got a big [elephant], let me search ya
To find out how hard I gotta work ya
("I put my thing down, flip and reverse it")

[50 Cent]
Uh Yeah
Now Missy she too much for me
She took me to to the crib man, she told me
Now my baby mama I told her *** not to beat me
Her broke *** wanna fight, Missy know how to treat me
She sitting on cash, she got money out the ***
Gave her them back shots and got money out her ***
Now you can see me in the coupe like what!
Next time I'll hit her in that G5 truck!
I've got the magic stick, I can go for hours
From the bed to the floor, to the sink to the shower
With her back to the bed and her legs to the sky
I can go hard, know why, big girls don't cry
I had visions of Missy with her money by the tub
Ching! Ching! Jackpot, I think I'm in love
I'm looking for Missy now so I can get my back rubbed
This the **** she hollered in my ear before we left the club

[Busta Rhymes]
I wish that t-bone was 6 0 for the big hoes haha
No if you the star stick mode the flip mode
Old ladies Luve Busta Bust
this sucks,
jighewine ready to blast, shoot it out yo ***
smack that ***, Grab, that trick
pull a stunt, is that yo *****?

If you're a fly gyal, get your nails done
Get a pedicure, get your hair did
Boy lift it up, lets make a toast-ah
Lets get drunk, its gon bring us clos-ah
Don't I look like a Halle Berry post-ah?
See them Belvedere playin tricks on ya
Girlfriend wanna be like me nev-ah
You won't find a ***** that's even bett-ah
I make it hot as Las Vegas weath-ah
Listen up close while I take you backwards
("Watch the way Missy like to take it backwards")
I'm not a prostitute but I can give you whatchu want
I love your braids and your mouth full of funk
Love the way my *** ba-bump ba-bump bump
Keep your eyes on my ba-bump ba-bump bump
And think you can handle this ga-donk ga-donk donk
Take my thong off and my *** go boom
Cut the lights off so you see what I can do

[Bridge: Missy]
Is it worth it, let me work it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
("I put my thing down, flip and reverse it")

[Busta Rhymes]
Easy does it, easy blows s40 e-40
Easy does **** f-gordy
f-you, f-them, f-lil kim
Good Missy
Good prissy, it sticky, it might stick to yo *****
Good Missy


[Verse 6: Missy]
Boys, boys, all type of boys
Black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys
? thanga thang, ? thanga thang
Girls, girls, get that cash
If its 9 to 5 or shaking ya ***
Ain't no shame ladies, do your thing
Just make sure you ahead of the game
Just cause I got a lot of fame sup-ah
Prince couldn't get me change my name papa
Kunta Kinte, enslave a game, no sir
Picture black saying, "Oh yessuh massa"
Picture Lil' Kim dating a pastor
Minute man, big men can outlast ya
Who is the best? I don't have to ask ya
When I come out, you won't even matt-ah
Why you act dumb like ughhh, duh
So you act dumb like ughhh, duh
And the drummer boy go pa-rum pa-pum pum
Give ya some some some of this Cinnabon


[Busta Rhymes]
*****s impersonating God and 2pac, one

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