Who Sang Old Fitzroy? Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins Oz cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-9-19
Genre: Pop
length: 3:59
I walked in here off the dirty mile
swaggered in with a prison style.
Aching bones and dirty feet;
needing a bed and something to eat.

I played for you and I played it right,
I sang in tune and I danced all night.
I cooked at you as the only one;
I diddn't know it could come undone.

I hit the road when I was fifteen,
When my mother died and my dad got mean.
I've been locked up since twenty-one,
I was my mother's only son.

Forgotten most from early days,
But I remember what she used to say,
Little boy you're my pride and joy,

The only good thing about old Fitzroy
I feel the walls are falling down around;
It makes me loathe that town somehow.

I've been drinking all the wrong
Things all night,
I've been thinking about what
I've got to do to survive this life.

CD 1
  • 1 You Only Hide
  • 2 Old Fitzroy
  • 3 Nye
  • 4 Shark Fin Blues
  • 5 Was There Anything I Could Do
  • 6 Back to the Wall
  • 7 Don't Believe Anymore
  • 8 The Biggest Disappointment
  • 9 Everybody Wants to Touch Me
  • 10 Curse on You
  • 11 No Secrets
  • 12 Before Too Long
  • 13 Blackfella / Whitefella
  • 14 Calm and Crystal Clear
  • 15 The Way You Are Tonight