Who Sang Faith and Fury? Mistreat

Release information
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Oi
length: 2:46
The fields turned to ashes that blackened the sky-The cities were bombed to the grounds! But somewhere the glory grew up the seed-And we awoke to the different sound!

The son of the Nation has made up his mind-Prepared to die for his land! He stares over meadows into the east-And clenching a gun in his hand!

Faith and fury-The spirit is alive! Faith and fury-Through all that jive! Faith and fury-They'll show us the way! That the whole world will learn someday!

The strength of the storm is a strength of our pride-Wait for the sign that compells! We'll take up the arms against the beast-We'll beat him and throw him to hell! They burned down the houses, they defamed the flags-But they can't steal our memory! Knock us to the ground, but we'll rise again-When the world is prepared to see!

Faith and fury-All through the gray! Faith and fury-Can't take them away! Faith and fury-The pride of the free! The power of our loyalty... Of our loyalty!

CD 1
  • 1 Veteran
  • 2 Troubles
  • 3 Backstreet
  • 4 Fourth Reich
  • 5 Haverit on Komeasti Palkitu
  • 6 Hang the Scum!!!
  • 7 It's Not Over
  • 8 Must Be Ready
  • 9 Now's the Time
  • 10 We're Ready
  • 11 Take a Look
  • 12 Times are Changing
  • 13 What You Gonna Do?
  • 14 Man With a Badge
  • 15 Junkie
  • 16 Faith and Fury
  • 17 L.A. Kids
  • 18 Njet, Molotoff
  • 19 Soldier